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Plantar warts are a certain type of wart that occurs on the bottom of the feet or toes. Plantar warts are the result of HPV (human papillomavirus). The virus usually gets into small cuts or openings on the skin of the feet. These warts can cause pain and may spread to the surrounding skin if not treated. Plantar warts can grow very deep into the skin which makes them difficult to treat at home. The symptoms can include a hard spot of skin that may look like a callus and contains little black spots that are actually tiny blood vessels that have clotted.

If you think you may have a plantar wart it is best to avoid picking or scraping it because this can cause them to spread. The diagnosis of the wart is easily achieved in the office. Many treatment options are available in the office that can provide permanent relief. Freezing, chemical application, laser, excision are all treatment options. 

If you have questions or would like to plan an appointment for painless wart removal, please call the office at 479.935.3378.