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Tumors & Cysts

There are many types of tumors or cysts that can appear in the legs and feet. A common “bump” people experience is called a Ganglion Cyst. This is a collection of fluid that is located near a joint or tendon. Clear joint fluid is used by the body to lubricate bone joints and to help tendons glide smoothly. Sometimes a joint lining or tendon sheath becomes weak and allows some of the joint fluid to form a cyst or pouch that is noticeable through the skin. This herniated area can cause pain. The cyst may also decrease or increase in size from day to day. The Ganglion Cyst can occur around any joint or tendon. 

Treatment options include draining the cyst in the office and injecting medicine to decrease its size ,or performing a small surgery to remove the cyst. If you have a strange bump on the foot or leg that may or may not be painful, it is best to have it examined by a doctor such as Dr. Teufel. Treatment options are available for these problems. 

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