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Mortons Neuroma

A Morton’s Neuroma is a thickening of nerves that usually occurs between the third and fourth toes in the ball of the foot. The condition typically results in irritation and compression of nerves that can lead to permanent damage. It is very important to visit Dr. Aaron Teufel at Arkansas Foot & Ankle Specialists if these are present in your foot.  

There are several signs that you may be developing Morton’s Neuroma such as pain, numbness, burning and tingling are common symptoms. You may have a feeling that there is something in the ball of your foot. Many people report feeling like there is a sock bunched up in their shoes.

If you only have a mild or moderate case your doctor may recommend more conservative options. These include extra padding in your shoe, an orthotic device, medication to help reduce inflammation or an injection to reduce symptoms.

There are some cases where surgery may be needed if conservative treatments are ineffective. Procedures typically include either removing the damaged nerve or releasing it. Your recovery time will depend on what type of procedure is performed. Schedule an appointment today.