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Flat Foot

Some people are born with feet that appear flat and never develop much of an arch. This may or may not cause a problem as you grow older. Typically, the more you demand out of your feet, the better condition they need to be in to provide support and pain free function. Many of us know that flat feet can cause pain, difficulty with exercising and problems with finding shoes. However, you are not necessarily stuck with the issues flat feet can cause. There are things to do to help with this condition. 

First, you can stretch the calf muscle to avoid further arch collapse. Next, you can perform exercises that strengthen the intrinsic foot muscles of the foot along the arch. While wearing shoes, you can wear supports that align the bones of the foot properly. Conversely, going barefoot when possible may help strengthen the foot. Oftentimes, a custom arch support can be created, placed into the shoe and provide enough support that the foot pain greatly improves. It is wise to consider conservative options at first.

In instances where a flat foot creates an extreme burden on your life, surgery may be an option. Surgery is sometimes the only complete cure for a flat foot. All of the other options can decrease pain and improve alignment. A proper exam, including an X-ray review, is often required to come up with an effective treatment plan.

If you have flat feet, call us at Arkansas Foot & Ankle Specialists to find out which treatment options could work for you!