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Bunions are one of the most common foot problems we see at our office. In this condition, the 1st toe slowly drifts out of alignment, pushing into the neighboring toes. At the same time, a bulging, bony enlargement forms and grows at the base of the big toe, which can cause pain, swelling, corns, calluses, difficulty walking, restricted toe movement and more.

Unfortunately, many people will wait for years, even decades, before deciding to do anything about bunions. Many people we've treated did not even know anything could be done until the pain became unbearable. You can absolutely do things to prevent the problem from getting worse. You can find relief for your bunion pain, and the sooner you get help the better. In most cases, quick action can help you find relief while bypassing surgery entirely.

Some people may need surgery to fix the problem. This surgery has advanced much over the past few years. There are surgical techniques that will provide the correction you want and prevent reoccurrence.