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Cash Prices

We understand that not everyone has health insurance. We also understand that not all insurance plans provide coverage for the same procedures or services. This a short list of a few common services that have a cash option. 

These prices are only available to patients that do not have insurance or patients with insurance plans that don’t cover these services. Payment is due in full at time of service. If you have more questions about cash prices then please call our office.

  • New Patient Exam    $140

  • Follow up Exam    $100

  • X-Rays (one foot)    $50

  • Ingrown Nail Surgery (includes office visit)    $300

  • Custom Orthotics (arch supports)    $325

  • Wart Removal    $250

  • Wart Removal (follow up exam)    $60

  • Steroid injection    $75

  • Surgery (Wound care kit)    $40